Entertainment Business Portfolio


Digital Marketing Plan

Role:  Project leader

Background:  Created a fictitious digital marketing plan for a local Yoga studios in Orlando, Florida.  The plan created a distribution plan of social media posts and digital content designed to attract new members and promote the studios involvement within the community.


Marketing and Distribution Plan

Role:  Project leader

Background:  Created a fictitious marketing and distribution plan.  Projected involved meeting with Game Development students who created a virtual reality sky surfing game.  The plan proposed a 90-day joint venture between Full Sail University and Ron Jon Surf Shop.  Full Sail would feature a interactive branded kiosk inside a Ron Jon Surf Shop location in Cocoa Beach, Florida.   The kiosk offers guest of the store to ride the game for a chance to win prizes and discounts on in-store products.  Guest also receive information about Full Sail University.  


Event Planning 

Role:  Individual Project

Background:  Created a fictitious event to take place in central Florida.  The event features well know local restaurants offering tasting menus paired with regional craft beers.  In addition to the main food pavilion, local food trucks serve bunch inspired themes to compete for "Best Food Truck Brunch."  Sponsorship packages included: naming rights, social media inclusion, public recognition, and VIP gift bag opportunities.  


Portfolio VII

Role:  Final Project

Background:  Created a fictitious strategic business plan to help Sprint increase marketshare by 5%  by re-branding the company focusing on more on customer support.  The proposal also included an innovative artificial intelligence/human hybrid platform.